What Food Should You Order When On a Date

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March 8, 2017

What Food Should You Order When On a Date

You probably have heard a lot of teenagers worry about their very first dates. But do you know that there’s also a lot more to take care of in addition to outfits and cosmetics?

Some kids worry about where food is grown and how the leftovers are disposed.  In fact, we recommend not going to a restaurant that just puts its extra food down a garbage disposal.  Learn more from this site about other ways to dispose of leftovers.

But back to the menu 🙂

One of the most important things to consider is the food you eat. Here are the foods you should order on a date:


Men love it when a lady knows how to perfectly cut a steak either using a fork or a knife. Therefore, make sure you don’t right away swallow a three or four-inch piece of meat. By taking good control of your steak, you’re giving a hint that you’re likewise good in bed.


Women ordering a bowl of salad may give men a hint that they’re health conscious. While others discourage including salad on the list, this can actually let men appreciate your efforts of taking care of your body.


It’s fine to admit that burgers are not the sexiest of foods. However, this is a good way of saying that you enjoy even the simplest of things in life.


If there’s one food that’s very safe to eat on a date, that would be chicken. This is because it’s very easy to eat, it’s not smelly, and it’s lean. Just make sure to order a chicken menu that’s a chef’s special to give it a bit of an excitement.

Dark Chocolate

Another food that shouts sexiness are dark chocolate desserts such as a molten chocolate lava or chocolate-covered strawberries. A woman eating it has what it takes to seduce a date — same as walking sexy in the park.


Seeping a glass of wine is a good way of displaying your sexiness. Don’t just drink and gulp. Rather, give it a bit of style and elegance.

Cappuccino or Ice-Cream

Cappuccino is always a very delicious nightcap. Much more, the foam that often lingers on your upper lip makes it very sexy to lick off. The same goes with ice-cream. The picture of licking it off is always a nice one to watch.

A Food Menu That’s Hard to Pronounce

Foods that are quite hard to pronounce are a nice way to impress a date. The difficulty of pronouncing the name is even a nice way to start a conversation.

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